Licensing Service

IBS has a line of Licensed Services

IBS Parent Company is a Licensed Comfar III Expert - Software for Project Appraisal and Analysis by the United Nation Industrial Development Organization.

IBS is a Licensed Yacht and Ship Broker to assist you with your Luxury Services. Our Clients hire IBS to help identify and stream line the purchase. Employing Broker Lic#6695 State of Florida.

IBS Advisors are also Licensed Real Estate and Mortgage professionals who assist in purchases to our customers.

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The Fish Tank

The ocean is large, and no, it’s not always the shark that wins. Typically, the Shark is the bully of the Ocean and you don’t want to be involved with the loan shark and be put in a shark tank. Our Fish Tank is designed to operate with institutional investors, as well as private investors or venture capital firms.

We have an established network of over 30 years of Business Experience and Investors around the globe. We can assist in your projects for investors, partners or simply joint venture projects.
IBS can help you prepare your business for Investors, IBS can work with the investor and show them the value of your business. IBS can also help in pairing foreign investors into the US and vice versa.

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